Jennifer Hazi


birth education • newborn care• parenting support

I provide evidence-based & down-to-earth  birth and parenting education and support,   using my experience as a midwife and a mother to help you.


Childbirth and parenting education that will leave you

informed, confident and ready.


Bondi Birth & Baby intensive

Comprehensive and independent birth and parenting education for expecting parents in North Bondi, Sydney, Australia

circles of women


A monthly space for pregnant women, new mothers and the women who care about them. A mix of birth and parenting education, community and support!

free birth education online

Join me online every Monday night where I am joined by a childbirth educator and doula and we answer your questions big and small

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Becoming a mother and building a family is a monumental change for every woman.

Do you find yourself late at night scrolling through beautiful birthing pictures dreaming about how you can creaate your own?

Are you a woman who secretly believes that birth can be amazing but need help and tools to help you achieve it?

Are you a new mother who yearns for a gentle, joyous start with your baby but overwhelmed by the day to day demands of early motherhood?

I am so glad you made it here! 

I absolutely love supporting women and their families to experience a  positive, meaningful and joyous time during childbirth and parenting.

Wherever you are in your childbearing journey, we can work together to make this the best possible experience and set you up for the smoothest transition into motherhood.

Jen xx


We have a secret in our culture, and it's not that birth is painful. It's that women are strong.

Laura Stavoe Harm


Imagine a place

Where women can come together to learn the essential tools and knowledge they need to give birth and become mothers. Where they can get real insight into what's ahead. Where there is always more time, and more information for every question you have.


Do you feel ready?

Pregnancy can stretch out before us in the beginning, but as we get closer to meeting our baby it can begin to feel very overwhelming.

Feeling unprepared, anxious or like the whole think is just so mysterious?

Over 2 Sundays in North Bondi I can take you from unsure to unstoppable. 


Do you need something more convenient?

When time is limited or your schedule is just too busy it can be hard to find time to set aside to attend birth and parenting classes. 

Good news! I have a range of ways to help you either in privately in person or online. 

With education tailored to your needs you can spend your time on what you need to know


How does everybody else do this alone?

They don't! Well not easily that's for sure.

New mum or dad? New baby? Are you feeling the lack of support and information that would just make this transition smoother?

I work with families of babies up to 3 months old helping with the early days feeding, settling and sleeping. 

I help with the baby care too ;)

If you are ready for someone to hold the baby, make you dinner, do the dishes and massage your feet while we talk about all the ups and downs - you have found her.




It all started when…

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