New Baby Care & Support

Are you expecting a baby and want the reassurance, care and practical help as you and your baby get to know each other?

Are you excited about meeting your baby but a little apprehensive about how you will balance your new responsibilities, learn new skills and confidently care for your baby?

I know that parenting can be unpredictable.

During times of overwhelm, when you need a reassuring and helpful pair of hands to help you 'in the moment' I am here. 

This is hands-on, holistic assistance and support.

Traditional cultures honour this time of new motherhood by nourishing and supporting women, ensuring they are physically strong and emotionally secure, ready to enter into the next phase of their life.

We once had an entire village of women helping us during this time. Where we had sisters, mothers, aunties and friendly neighbours, we are now, too often, left alone and isolated as we struggle through the early days unaided.

I can help you bridge that gap and hold you as you work out your new normal.

With a great deal of care, and zero judgement.


So what is included in this package?

Every day with a newborn can be unpredictable.

Having a range of skills and resources to support your family means that whatever is happening you are cared for and can enjoy this time with your baby, not just coping - but thriving!

Some of the ways I help:


Prepared meals

breastfeeding support.png

Helping support newborn sleep and settling

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Practical help

  • Initial consultant with Nutritionist and Herbalist Anna Maria to discuss your specific nutritional needs, and make a plan for optimal nutritional support.

  • Home made and nutritious meals prepared in according to your specific nutritional needs, delivered to your home 3 x a week for 4 weeks. Special food needs can be prepared at your home

  • Experienced and caring support with your infant’s sleep needs. I know that as parents it is normal to struggle with your own sleep needs while wanting to ensure the best start for your babies development.

    I am committed to offering you neuro-protective sleep education and support in line with best evidence for optimal brain and emotional development. Simultaneously I am supporting your own biological need to rest, recover and regain your strength following pregnancy and childbirth. This includes education in addition to hands on settling.

    Some visits may be overnight to support you and your partner to re-set and recharge when the going gets tough.

  • Practical help. Needing an ‘extra pair of hands’ cannot be over-estimated. Ask any new mum or dad and they will tell you it’s the millions of tiny thing (the things that they can’t even list) that take up so much of their time. Need the dishes done? great! To run an errand? Perfect! Change the washing over? Done! I can even pick up milk and bread on the way.


Photographic journal

Parenting advice and education (1).png

Ritual and supporting the rite of passage of motherhood

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Herbal remedies

  • Photographic Journal. Those early days pass so quickly. Although the days are long, the years are far too short. Keeping a photographic record of this early time quickly turns into a prized family possession.

    At the end of our time working together you will receive a printed photo book plus a digital file with the full range of photographs.

  • Ritual and Support Becoming a mother is a rite of passage. Each baby brings new changes to every women and during pregnancy, birth and the early days of mothering there is so much change in identity and sense of self. I offer meditation, ritual and rites to help you to turn in and focus on yourself, caring and honouring the incredible work you are doing during this time.

  • Herbal remedies. There are so many herbal ways to support your health and recovery. Nourishing herbal infusions, soothing and healing herbal baths, or herbal infused balm for you and baby. Made by hand with love for you and your family.

telephone support.png

Telephone support

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Connect to local resources

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Breastfeeding support

  • Telephone Support. Parenting is a huge learning curve. Cut out the noise and feel secure knowing you have someone to call for all questions big and small. Just because I can’t be with you 24/7 doesn’t mean help isn’t close. I am here for you.

  • Connect to local resources. Navigating life as a new parent is hard enough. Whether you need to find baby care items, discover which practitioner can help you, where the best mum groups are or any other resources on your journey, I am here to help you. I will help you find your way and connect with the resources you need.

  • Breastfeeding Support. As a midwife and breastfeeding mum, I have both experienced and supported women through a diverse range of breastfeeding experience. I invest time and resources in breastfeeding education to ensure you have the best support to meet your own breastfeeding goals. I respect your decision to feed your baby however you choose, whether mixed feeding, formula feeding or figuring your own way. As long as you feel safe and confident.

emotional support

Emotional Support



Parenting advice and education.png

Parenting education and resources

  • Emotional support Emotional support can be as simple as recognising the enormousness of the work you do as a new mum, to helping you set goals and uncover values to help you parent with joy and meaning, embracing the entire experience, whatever you mental health needs.

  • Reflexology I am very fortunate to have spent quite a few years working as a doula, where I was able to learn and develop skills in massage, notable, reflexology. which is that absolutely perfect way of supporting your healing body when you have a babe in arms. no need to worry about an unsettled baby, needing your support, to ensure you are pampered and cared for.

  • Parenting Education and Resources. Sometimes it is the little things, bathing, feeding, changing nappies that can feel like the big unknown, particularly if, like most new parents, you have virtually no experience with babies.

    I am here, not to take over, but to offer gentle guidance when asked, so you have the confidence and know you are capable, confident and absolutely loving life as a new parent.

    Think of me as a real-life Siri in the corner, but I change nappies and bring food.

    Each family develop their own style, which is beautiful to behold and as unique as you are. However, everyone needs help when they have a baby. It once took a village to raise a baby, and in the absence of a village, of the mothers, neighbours, aunties, sisters and grandmothers, I will do my best to help you.

    And help you find or create your own new village that fits your beautiful new family.


The finer details:

This package is designed to offer intensive support in the month following birth, with care and assistance gradually tapering off until your baby is 3 months old.

Once you have decided to invest in your postpartum, we will meet and discuss your specific needs and circumstances, as well as begin to plan the best times to come and help you.

  • During the first 4 weeks I will visit you for approximately 12 hours per week. This is usually divided into 3 separate visits lasting 4 hours.

  • During the next 4 weeks I will visit you once a fortnight for approximately 2 hours

  • During the final month I will visit you once for approximately 2 hours.

  • Total time is approximately 54 hours face to face care and support.

I am available via phone and email for support throughout our entire work together, and if extra support is needed can be arranged by negotiation.

Each visit includes a prepared meal

Working this way ensures I can give focused care and support to each family I am working with, as well as maintaining some flexibility in my schedule, as we know life can be unpredictable.


A typical schedule (this is just an example)

Week 1:

  • Monday 9am - 1pm,

  • Tuesday 1pm - 5pm,

  • Friday 10am - 12 pm

Week 2:

  • Monday 10am - 2pm,

  • Thursday 10pm - 6am

Week 3:

  • Tuesday 9am -1pm,

  • Wednesday 5pm - 9pm

  • Friday 10am - 2pm

Week 4

  • Monday 2pm - 6pm

  • Wednesday 9am -1pm

  • Friday 10am -2pm

Week 5

  • Phone support

Week 6

  • Wednesday 1pm-3pm

Week 7

  • Phone support

Week 8

  • Friday 12pm -2pm

Week 9

  • Phone support

Week 10

  • Phone support

Week 11

  • Tuesday 10am -12pm

Week 12

  • Phone support


A typical visit:

Arrive at 9am.

After a long night you and your baby are (finally) resting.

Meal delivered and placed in fridge.

Quick tidy up and dishes washed.

Baby clothes washed and hung to dry.

Mum and baby wake at 10am.

While mum is feeding the baby, I prepare breakfast and tea, which she eats.

After Breastfeeding, assisted with baby care and settling while mum has a shower and has some time to herself/ goes for a walk/ back to sleep etc.

Breakfast dishes cleared up.

12pm baby sleeping while we discuss some settling techniques that have been working/ not working and some suggestions to try.

Leave at 1pm

Phone call at 4pm. looking for local resources .

Text at 8pm: Success! those new settling techniques worked!

Why just cope,

When life with your new baby

can be amazing!



Postnatal care and support in this setting comes as a package. In order to be able to be flexible and available to your needs I only take up to 10 clients per year, and in this way I am able to really be present.

At present I offer one package. This is holistic and inclusive of all my services, during an initial consultation we can spend some time exploring your specific needs and have an agreed plan detailing the specific kind of help you are looking for.

You receive:

  • Reassurance that in the first 3 months of your baby’s life, you can tap into the resource & experiences needed to confidently care for a newborn.You are not alone and don’t need to have it al figured out the moment you arrive home with your a

  • Over 52 hours face to face support

  • Consult with Nutritionist and herbalist Anna Maria where a tailored nutritional plan is made

  • Home cooked, nourishing and wholesome foods to support you and your family.

  • Experienced sleep and settling help with you newborn.

  • Printed Photographic journal of the first few weeks and months of your new baby’s life and your new family.

  • Ritual and Support focusing on motherhood as a Rite of Passage and honouring your amazing work and who you have become and are becoming.

  • Nourishing herbal remedies, teas, infusions, balms and baths to help you heal and recover

  • Constant telephone, sms and email support. You have someone when you need, whatever that is.

  • Connect and navigating local resources to local resources.

  • Breastfeeding and all infant feeding support.

  • Emotional support

  • Reflexology.

  • Parenting Education and Resources.

Total support and reassurance for the first 3 months with your new baby is available for $5990

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