FREE Birth plan template and guide to help you write a really effective birth plan that serves you well!


Birth plans can:

  • Help you uncover what you need to know

  • Communicate with your loved ones

  • Feel organised and ready for a range of different birthing scenario

  • Open communication with your doctor or midwife about your preferences in birth.

  • Make sure your voice is heard and you are in the centre of each decision of your care,

  • Help you understand what is happening and feel secure at a time when it really matters.

Ready to get started?

You can download your FREE template to help organise your thoughts, brainstorm ideas and prompt you to think about the different kinds of needs you have during labour and the early postpartum period.

Please, whatever you do, DO NOT hand in this brainstorming kit to the hospital/ your care provider as a birth plan. This is just the first step in the process of creating a birth plan that effectively communicated your needs and helps set you up for success.

Please watch this video guide to writing an effective birth plan and turn your thoughts from the brainstorming template into a really effective birth plan


Your guide to writing an effective birth plan

This video will guide you through the process of writing a birth plan using the birth plan brainstorming kit above.

More learning:

If you want to gain a deeper understanding about birth plans and how they help (and sometimes hinder!) you prepare for and navigate birth and early mothering here is some extra information to help consolidate your understanding and give you the deeper understanding you crave.


Understanding the history of Birth Plans

Have you heard “What’s the point with birth plans?” or “You should just go with the flow”? Understanding why we started writing birth plans gives us the insight into these questions.


Do you like a podcast?

I was lucky to spend some time talking the Anna Maria talking all things birth plans. We discussed how you can use your birth plan as a way of preparing you for your labour, birth and postpartum. A birth plan can serve you as a tool to help you prepare for the birth of your baby as well as a way for you to easily share your wishes and preferences with your birth team.


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