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Birth plan template

Ready to get started? You can download your FREE template to help organise your thoughts, brainstorm ideas and prompt you to think about the different kinds of needs you have during labour and the early postpartum period.

Birth plan guide

This pre-recorded video is available to purchase anytime.

You will gain instant access to this 30 minute virtual class, where i detail some common pitfalls women make when writing a birth plan and give you some clear steps you can take to increase the effectiveness of your birth plan.

what are birth plans all about?

What to include?

What to avoid?

What should your birth plan look like?

What are the top 3 mistakes people make when creating a birth plan?

How to make sure your birth plan is really adhered to.

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For a short time you can have access to some of the content in "How to write a really effective birth plan". 


Start here with:

The history of birth plans

Understanding the history of birth: including obstetric practice in the 20th century, can give you really great insight into the development and ideas around birth plans.

Who was Sheila Kitzinger and how is she relevant in a discussion about birth plans?

Begin a discussion about human rights in childbirth and consent and see how birth plans can help you.

All this here.


If you prefer to listen via mp3 you can find this series here on sound cloud


Have you heard about birth plans?

Why do some women think they can plan birth?

Have you heard that birth in unpredictable and planning is a total waste of time?

This video explains a little about what birth plans are and how they might help you get the birth you want!

Now listen to:

"What are birth plans all about?"


Now! Are you ready to write a really effective birth plan?

Do you want to find out how you can uncover, explore and communicate your needs to REALLY set yourself up for the birth you want?

This guide is available instantly here>>

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Ok, So you have downloaded the template, watched the how to guide, and now you are keen to spend some one on one time really editing, defining and refining your birth plan for maximum efficacy.


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I can spend time with you in person or via skype/zoom and step by step guide you through the process, from brainstorming through to presenting and discussing with your care provider/s.


How does this work?

1. Initial meeting. (20-30 minutes) We will discuss your initial thoughts, ideas and feelings around birth. You will begin to brainstorm your needs using the template above and have time to ask quesitons about any areas you are unsure about. I can direct you to further resources to help in your exploration and recommend any areas that you might be helpful to look into a bit deeper. During this meeting we will set a time for you to have your first email sent to me.

2. Your first email. You will send me a copy of your birth plan brainstorming template and any extra information that I need to begin to put your birth plan together.

3. Second meeting (45-60 minutes). This is where we really nut out any areas that can be clarified and begin to create draft/s of your birth plan/s to present to your care provider/s. At the end of this meeting I will have the beginnings of a birth plan that I will be able to edit and clean up into document/s to present and refer to in labour. During this meeting we will also set a time for me to send the final draft of your birth plan back to you.

4.  Using the drafts and any information you have given me I will edit and prepare final draft/s of your birth plan for you to keep and use. This will be emailed to you by the previously agreed date.

This package includes:

  • Access to brainstorming template ($9 value)

  • Access to Birth plan video guide ($12 value)

  • Up to 90 minutes face to face discussion ($180 value)

  • Initial brainstorming, second edit during discussion and final draft, formatted for maximum impact ($90 value)

  • BONUS: Free admission to one Circles of Women event with a topic "how to write a really effective birth plan" ($39 value), to be used within 60 days from time of purchase.

Total value: $330.

Your price $120

(This price is for skype/zoom meetings only -please contact me for "in-person" pricing). 

All you need to do is send me a quick email or call me and I'll guide you through the rest.