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As a midwife, and a mother I know how much you have going on right now.

Spending some quality, intensive time preparing for birth and life with your new baby is really going to help you feel calm and confident for what's ahead.

Over 2 information packed Sundays we will dive into all areas of birth and parenting.

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At the end of your time you will have:

  • A good understanding of what might happen

  • Practical ways to work with the pain of labour and help ease discomforts

  • Clear guidance about ways to improve your chances of normal birth

  • The tools  for life with a newborn, as a new family.


To save your space you can book here with a deposit of $50

(Price is per couple - extra support people welcome)

When you book and join for Bondi birth and baby intensive you will receive information and education that is independent, evidence based and sensitive to your needs.

I know you are busy, and need to make the most of our time together, so when you book for Bondi Birth and Baby Intensive you will have access to BONUS MATERIAL that you can access in your own time before or after attending.



  • Workbook with information and handouts

  • Range on MP3's including deep relaxation, mindfulness, and exercises in values and parenting goals

  • 3 Stand alone lectures, absolutely PACKED with information

    • Your newborn baby the first week

    • How to support a woman like a pro

    • How to write a really effective birth plan


  • Birth Plan brainstorming booklet

  • Access to Circles of Women events in the Eastern Suburbs throughout your pregnancy and into parenthood.

Essential to the startup effort is the creation of a business plan – adetailed map of the new business to be created. (3).png


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It does a man good to see his lady being brave while she has their baby... it inspires him.

Ina May Gaskin


What will we cover?


Pregnancy & birthing basics

Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and birth.

Managing common discomforts of pregnancy.

Recognising worrying or warning signs in pregnancy.

How will you know when you are in labour?

What to expect in labour and birth.

Helpful strategies for a smooth labour.

Troubleshooting when the unexpected happens.

Decreasing pain and stress in labour.

Navigating birth

The birth environment

Policies and evidence

birth plans

Uncovering your personal needs around birthing and parenting 

Effectively communicating your needs with the people who care for you and about you

Knowledge and practice about comfort measures for labour






different positions



Preparing for life with a newborn

The golden hour - the first moments with your baby

Feeding your baby

Breastfeeding preparing for success, common obstacles and solving tricky starts

Sleep and settling instinctively

Clarifying your parenting values

Bonding, Attachment and infant mental health

Looking forward into parenting 

Relationships + babies = ???

Ways to safeguard your relationship

Emotional and physical recovery

Family - The new normal.



You will have access to all this learning for $550


INTRO OFFER: $450 per couple when booking on the

27th May & 3 June 2018


You can secure you space now for a deposit of $50 with the full amount payable on the first day.


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Birth marks the transition into parenthood, it shows us fundamental parts of ourselves that were hidden, and dissolves that which is unimportant. 


How we birth matters. 


How we arrive into motherhood and fatherhood can profoundly affect us and our children for years to come.


Throughout our time together we focus on helping birth partners to feel comfortable and confident to help and support women in birth.


Our purpose in learning together is to uplift strong women and mothers, supported by strong partners, who can care for their babies gently, compassionately and with confidence.


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