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Circles of Women


Hi beautiful woman,

here is your place to process.

You can join a pregnant women's education circle by choosing any or all of the dates and topics below.

each night is a casual mix of information sharing, discussion and story sharing.

bring your questions, and any female support people you like. 

Circles of Women Sydney-based workshops events and for you to gain practical skills in the care of yourself, from pregnancy to early motherhood.

Jennifer together with a range of passionate and caring professionals provide Childbirth and parenting education. community events, talks, and workshops.

With an emphasis on connecting with other women, practical skills, jumping in and thinking laterally about how you want to "Mum" joyfully and with purpose. The way you give birth and parent doesn't have to be boring, exhausting or isolating. Let us present you with a range of ideas and information that you can experiment with and find what works for you, your baby and the people you love.

Women in these spaces are keen to explore new and shifting roles, values, and self-identity while discovering more information about topics that are relevant to them.

We know you are the greatest expert on how to raise your child. We can facilitate your knowledge and support to help you confidently navigate through this time.

Any questions? why not call me on 0490045416