Most men tell me they never really needed birth education.

Or so they thought. Before our class together.

Next they tell me - they had no idea there was “so much more to it”

And finally, Their only regret is not starting sooner.


Over 2 nights Online, Live from the comfort of your home,

I can help you with some simple and effective ways to be an amazing support person for a woman in labour and meet your new baby with confidence

the expectant dad's survival guide

It is no surprise that you are a bit anxious. I mean, for most people birth is shrouded in mystery.

And there are just so many variables.

It can easily feel like the experts should take over.

And before you know it, you are sitting in the corner, checking your phone, desperate to be anywhere else at all.

Feeling overwhelmed and just wishing you could make it better, easier, quicker.

Wishing you knew how to help.

Instead of feeling awkward, and helpless.


There is another way

Where you feel confident to help,

instead of hugging the walls,

You are in the action.

Instead of being as a bystander,

You are an active participant

You understand what is happening, what questions to ask and feel confident suggesting new ways to work with labour.

You feel confident knowing how to support with your baby’s first breastfeed

And connect with your baby,

In your minds eye, you can see this picture,

And it is amazing.

And when you finally meet your new baby,

You know that this experience has been transformational

For you, for her, for your whole family.

support my wife in labour

I can help you turn this into reality.

Without long weekend classes

Without reading every birthing book.

It is hard enough missing appointments, and check ups,

I know how busy you are

and that due date is getting closer and closer.


You will learn:

  • How to set up a birthing environment that actually supports her birthing hormones, helping her experience less pain and increase the effectiveness of her contractions.

  • Simple, easy to use tools that really help with labour pain

  • What you need to know about labouring at home.

  • Deciding when is the best time to leave for the hospital.

  • How what you say can really help (and topics what might be best to avoid).

  • Feel confident engaging in meaningful conversations with doctors and midwives to help your partner when making difficult decisions in birth.

  • Simple and effective steps you can take to help your baby transition to life and have a successful first breastfeed.

  • What you can do to really help if the unexpected happens.

  • Where you can access care and support for yourself (and why that matters SO much).


The Details:

This class is LIVE online.

2 x 1.5 hour classes over 2 nights.

All attendees receive a recorded playback to review the information when you need it.

Each class is Interactive and personalised

Handouts included

For Dads and Partners

dads guide to babies

These classes are available over 2 different time zones

7pm Australian Eastern Standard time


7pm USA -Eastern Standard Time

(when booking please look closely at the options - or contact me if you are unsure)

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What are other dads saying?

Partner testimonial.

Chris Matthews, South Australia

I am parenting two girls, which were my partners from previous relationships, who have been in my life for almost 9 years.

My son, who is almost 2, was my first experience with birth, and it wasn’t a positive one, mainly due to a cascade of hospital lead interventions, which lead to an emergency caesarean for my partner. Since then though, it has been a great experience watching him grow and learn, something I will treasure, and am looking forward to with our latest addition

Before learning with Jen, my main needs were wanting to know what to do to help bring on labour, and support during the labour, to have the best outcome for everyone.

I was really worried about how to approach the healthcare professionals with my concerns, but Jen really helped me with the confidence to be able to talk to them and explain exactly what we want.

I particularly liked the personal one on one aspect. Being able to just talk about what was on my mind. Having the one on one has really help me to feel connected to the information discussed with Jen. I now feel that I have a lot better understanding of how I can give the needed support to my partner before/during and after, her labour.

It was very easy to turn up to learn, I could do it in the comfort of my own home, but still get access to some very helpful information.

She explained the process of birth by expanding on what I knew and filled in a lot of the gaps I didn’t know I had.

After learning with Jen I can make my partner’s birthing space as comfortable as possible, by better understanding her desires at that time and attempting to meet them.

The techniques that she showed in some easy to follow videos, I am hoping I can help manage my partners pain during labour.

I now feel I can advocate for my partner more confidently during her birthing and adhere as best as we can to her wishes.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Jen’s education and personal touch, especially with (the non-pregnant) partners, to anyone who is bringing new life into the world.

Confident Birth Partner - For Men
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