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It is no secret I love doulas.

But for some women and their support people having a doula (or birth coach/attendant) attend their birth is not an option. Never fret! I have put together some really helpful and practical resources for anyone invited into the role of birth support.

Partners, mums, sisters, friends and anyone else who has been asked to attend the birth of a woman you care about, you absolutely NEED to be prepared. Do yourself and your mum-to-be a huge favour and start creating what I like to refer to as a "bag of tricks". What are the resources you are going to draw on during labour? Do you know how to set up the ideal birthing environment? When do you need to go to the hospital? What can you do for a woman who is trying to avoid using pain relief? What about a woman having a planned cesarean? What are the sorts of questions you can ask doctors and midwives when it comes to making difficult decisions in birth?

Here are a few resources to help you on your journey. Of course I am here to talk through any concerns you have. For a free 15 minute phone consult email me to make a time.

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Im so excited to help people wanting to help women during labour, birth and the early postpartum.

I put together a small booklet for you with my top 5 tips for supporting a woman you love in labour.

Its a really practical, and the best thing is it will help you start preapring today!

Ready to dive deeper?


You will gain instant access to this 30 minute virtual class. I will explore some more ways support people can be helpful, resourceful and provide comfort to a birthing woman


learn more about:

  • how to create the perfect birth environment.

  • some simple and effective tools for working with pain in labour.

  • when to go to hospital.

  • why early labour matters (and how to help).

  • what to do if the unexpected happens.

  • how to care for yourself (and why that matter sO much).

  • how you can support her baby to breastfeed

and LOADS more!

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I am so keen to work with partners and support people closely.

We will spend around 2 hours together, during this time we will focus closely on your specific needs and the needs of the woman you are caring about. I know that every woman and her partner have specific needs and we will work together to make sure you feel ready and confident for the journey ahead of you.



1. Initial meeting. (15 minutes). This will be via phone or skype/zoom. We will spend this time discussing your needs and thoughts. During this meeting we will make a time to begin learning together. After reviewing all the information you have shared with me, I will begin to write a plan of what we will cover together. We can work one on one (just the support person), or with the expecting mum together. 

There are 2 ways we can work together:


We will plan 3 x 40 minute meetings via skype or zoom. I find when we work online breaking this up into smaller bites helps keep us focused and fresh. (If time is of the essence I am happy to discuss condensing these meetings into 2 or even 1 meeting to make it work for you). The other benefit in breaking up these meetings is in giving you time to review and digest the information from each session.


We will plan one 2 -2 1/2 hour meeting in person, in the comfort of your home (At this time only available in some suburbs of sydney, please contact me to discuss your specific needs). Working in person is of course a wonderful way to connect and really dive into your learning needs.

These packages include:

  • Access to supporting your partner video guide ($12 value)

  • Personalised plan of education, mentoring and support in your care of the woman you will be with in labour ($50).

  • Around 2 hours (up to 2  1/2) via skype/zoom or in person ($240-$300 value).

  • BONUS: Free admission to one Circles of Women event with a topic "how to be the best birth support" ($39 value), to be used within 60 days from time of purchase.

Total value: $341-$400

Your price

online: $195 /In person: $240

(Sydney Eastern suburbs and surround only). 

All you need to do is send me a quick email or call me and I'll guide you through the rest.