100 ways to care for yourself (even when you have a child with you)

Ok, so before you get excited you should know this is a list I compiled and as such there are items on here that I don't expect everyone to relate to. (e.g. #53 and #28). And although not everything on here is possible when you are on parent duties, you could always combine a couple to see if that works (#74 & #54 are winners).

Self-care is something we should be doing each day. The little things that bring joy into our lives are so important. If you are not up to the big adventurous things that is fine, hopefully, you can find a few small things that you enjoy and can start to weave them into your every day. Feel free to go off script and make up your own.

  1. Going for a walk (pram, baby carrier, solo?)
  2. Making a cup of tea (and drink it while it is hot)
  3. Cleaning out your room (the pleasure is once it is finished- well for most of us)
  4. Burning essential oils
  5. Walking through the forest
  6. Walking on the beach barefoot
  7. Cooking your favourite meal
  8. Setting the table 
  9. Going to the gym
  10. Going to a dance class
  11. Have a bath (long and full of hot water. Can be alone or with your baby)
  12. Washing your hair
  13. Reading a book
  14. Putting on your favourite music
  15. Going for a drive
  16. Listening to music on headphones (while walking your kids if necessary)
  17. Painting
  18. Sewing
  19. Crocheting
  20. Going to the movies
  21. Watching your favourite tv show
  22. Call your friend
  23. Organise a potluck dinner with some friends (on a school night even)
  24. Take your dinner to the park (let the kids play until time for bed)
  25. Get into bed early (and take the kids with you)
  26. Journaling
  27. Play with the rescue kittens at vets (yes this is real. A lot of vets have kittens that are up for adoption and they won't mind if you come in and cuddle them, it socialises them which is a bonus.)
  28. Walk your dog
  29. Find a neighbours dog who is home in the day - offer to take them to the park/for a walk/cuddle on the couch.
  30. Visit your friend.
  31. Visit local aged care home -connecting with others who are lonely or volunteering to help
  32. Sing (preferably loud and to your favourite music)
  33. Get your hair cut/coloured
  34. Have a wash and blow-dry at the hairdressers
  35. Get your nails done
  36. Foot massage
  37. Take your vitamins/herbal supplement
  38. Go shopping (in person or online)
  39. Clothes swap with a friend. New for you is still new.
  40. Sculpture with clay
  41. Put the call out for a mothers helper to hold a baby/entertain a toddler for a couple of hours.
  42. Chocolate 
  43. Stretches (if you are looking for something different have you seen how much is on youtube and toddlers and older kids will enjoy doing this too)
  44. Burning a candle
  45. Making a schedule
  46. Ignore your schedule
  47. Prayer
  48. Meditation
  49. Forgive others
  50. Have a glass of wine
  51. Join a mums group
  52. Visit an art gallery
  53. Clearing one space/room
  54. Visit Korean Baths/ Day spa
  55. Gardening
  56. Find a book club
  57. Read a newspaper
  58. Go to a cafe to pick up your favourite hot drink (for me that is coffee)
  59. Create an inspiration board
  60. Blog 
  61. Send a care package to relatives far away
  62. Take a photo journey (walk, drive and document it)
  63. Cook-up your weekly meals with friends (think you each make one dish in bulk and share it among the 7 of you)
  64. Get a makeover at the makeup counter (might have to buy a lipstick but can possibly get some free samples)
  65. Make love
  66. Practice mindfulness
  67. Guided relaxation
  68. Find your passion and work a little on it each day
  69. Listen to a podcast
  70. Listen to books on tape
  71. Cuddle (partner, kids, puppy (see 29)
  72. Unplug- turn off the phone, internet, devices and relish in the solitude
  73. Get away! camp, cabin or any hotel.
  74. Swap kids! (yes you have to take someone else child for a while, but you do get back what you give, so the idea is you might take your friends child for a couple of hours in the morning and they take yours for the afternoon, as an example.)
  75. Forgive yourself
  76. Colour and draw (great to do it together with kids)
  77. Hire a cleaner
  78. Join a meet-up group (if nothing you want to join in see 79)
  79. Make a meetup group for something you enjoy doing.
  80. Sign up for a short course (local community college)
  81. Start online course
  82. Join a face group you have an interest in
  83. Work (if this is your joy)
  84. Create a sanctuary - find a place in your home which you can organise and decorate to be a place of solace. You can visit this area when you want a mental time out. It may be just for you or it may be open to others. This is a place you can physically go to be mindful, create, meditate, light a candle or do what feels like "time out" for you.
  85. Kiss your partner.
  86. Lay in the garden and make cloud pictures
  87. Swim
  88. Make a meal plan
  89. Clean out your “junk” drawer (you know you have one)
  90. Have a pyjama day
  91. Watch your home video library (kids love this too)
  92. Order in lunch/dinner
  93. Put on fresh bed linen
  94. Eat your breakfast outside (park, cafe, balcony - just slow down and enjoy)
  95. Get a massage (they come to you too!)
  96. Get a facial
  97. Have your eyebrows waxed/ shaped
  98. Write down all the reasons you love being a Mum.
  99. Plan an entire week of self-care (then you know what is coming next, plan one thing a day or a small thing twice a day)
  100. Reach out to a support service (Karitane, Tresillian, Breastfeeding Association, lifeline, Beyond Blue, Midwife, or your GP)
 I assume by now that you know I personally find puppies particularly relaxing

I assume by now that you know I personally find puppies particularly relaxing