Why did we first start writing birth plans?

Ever wondered about the history of Birth plans?

Why do women spend all this time in pregnancy listing the different things they want (or want to avoid) in their pregnancy, birth or with their new baby?

This short lecture starts the discussion about the history of birth, human rights in childbirth, informed consent - and where birth plans might fit in with all this

Understanding the history of birth including obstetric practice in the 20th century can give really great insight into the development and idea of birth plans.

Who was Sheila Kitzinger and how is she relevant to a discussion about birth plans?

Begin a discussion about human rights in childbirth and consent and see how birth plans can help you.

This is the first part of a 4 part series


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The history of birth:


Sheila Kitzinger:

On birth plans:



About her

Human rights in Childbirth:




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