Breastfeeding during the first week - an overview

So, Breastfeeding is rarely like it seems in the hallmark cards.

Understanding what is “normal” can give you some great insight into the behaviour to expect from your your baby, and how that changes (so quickly!!) over the first week.

Each day is a new adventure when you are learning how to breastfeed and infant.

You might think you need an electric breast pump, breastfeeding pillow and heard about supplements for breast milk production among all the other baby stuff. But the best thing you can invest in is good breastfeeding education in your pregnancy for you and your partner and good postnatal support so you have the time to learn and fall in love with your baby.

Following is a very basic overview of what you might expect from a well baby born at term.

Of course, if you are looking for more information, I am always here.

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