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The imperfect mum and the art of wabi-sabi.

From what I understand (and I can’t make this clear enough - I am absolutely not an expert in Japanese culture or language) this process is aligned with the concept of Wabi Sabi- or perfect imperfections. Essentially treating breakage and repair as an important element of the object's history and journey instead of something that should be disguised or worse- cause it to be discarded.

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100 ways to care for yourself (even when you have a child with you)

Self care is not just about bubble baths and long walks.

Mental health is more than just stress management and looking after yourself. Sometimes we need to speak with a professional. But even in this case we KNOW the importance of self care in mental health.

Ultimately finding things each day that fill our cup and help us live a value filled and focused life is important for all of us, but it can be difficult when we are always with our baby or child.

The little things that bring joy into our lives are so important. If you are not up to the big adventurous things that is fine, hopefully, you can find a few small things that you enjoy and can start to weave them into your every day. Feel free to go off script and make up your own.

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