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how to help dads bond with baby

Top 3 Tips For Planning For Life With A New Baby

A short and essential video outlining 3 important things to do to prepare for your new life.

When Your Newborn Is Deeply Asleep

A Haiku




How to breastfeed

Breastfeeding Your Baby In The First Week

So, Breastfeeding is rarely like it seems in the hallmark cards.

Understanding what is “normal” can give you some great insight into the behaviour to expect from your your baby, and how that changes (so quickly!!) over the first week.

Newborn baby list

What Are The First 3 Months With A New Baby Like?

Let’s talk about preparing for life in the postpartum period.

In particular, I want to run through a really rough timeline about what you might expect in the first few months of your baby's life.

How to bath a baby

Shifra’s First Bath

A Family Experience

making mistakes as a mother.jpeg

The Imperfect Mum & The Art of Wabi-Sabi.

There is a Japanese art form called Kintsukuroi “Golden repair”, which is essentially when broken pottery, instead of being discarded is repaired using resin mixed with powdered gold.

From what I understand (and I can’t make this clear enough - I am absolutely not an expert in Japanese culture or language) this process is aligned with the concept of Wabi Sabi- or perfect imperfections. Essentially treating breakage and repair as an important element of the object's history and journey instead of something that should be disguised or worse- cause it to be discarded.

Can we have a bit more Wabi Sabi in our mothering?

Breastfeeding or bottle feeding

Mummy Wars - I Call Bullshit

Do you breastfeed or bottle feed? Are you a SAHM or working mum? Do you co-sleep or cry it out?

This constant separation into polarising groups is total bullshit.

The idea that the hundreds and thousands of new mothers every year will easily fall into opposing sides on every single parenting decision is the most absurd claim that has made it into urban myth.


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Over 2 x 1 hour online classes we will cover:

  • At the birth, the "golden hour". These first precious moments with your baby and how to "switch on" all the right instinctive behaviours for your baby.

  • The first breastfeed.

  • What feeding your baby is like each day and how to know our baby is getting enough milk.

  • The different behaviours that most babies will display over the first week.

  • Newborn appearance (aka "is that normal?).

  • Balancing your sleep needs with those of your baby.

  • Common tests and interventions offered throughout the first week.

  • Settling your baby

  • Working together with your partner.

  • Getting extra support, and planning to succeed.


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