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The first few days and weeks at home with your baby are equal parts challenging and wonderful for most families.

The support and information you receive before and during this time can make the difference between feeling stretched yet satisfied or feeling out of your depth.

I am so fortunate to work with mums to be and their partners, families and loved ones to prepare you for this amazing time.

Balancing your emotional and physical needs, your relationship, your baby's physical and developmental needs while experiencing one of the steepest learning curves imaginable is no easy task! 

We can work together in your pregnancy to prepare and plan for this time, and help give you the tools you need to absolutely rock this time as a new parent!

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Ready to get started?

You can download your FREE guide to 3 big things that your baby needs during the first weeks (excluding food, warmth and shelter).

Get ready for your baby right now!

Over the following pages I will share with you a daily guide to life with your new baby in the first week, complete with tips and strategies to have the absolutely best experience, for you, your baby and your relationship.

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  • At the birth, the "golden hour". These first precious moments with your baby and how to "switch on" all the right instinctive behaviours for your baby.

  • The first breastfeed.

  • What feeding your baby is like each day and how to know our baby is getting enough milk.

  • The different behaviours that most babies will display over the first week.

  • Newborn appearance (aka "is that normal?).

  • Balancing your sleep needs with those of your baby.

  • Common tests and interventions offered throughout the first week.

  • Settling your baby

  • Working together with your partner.

  • Getting extra support, and planning to succeed.


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Have you already met your baby and need some help?

I can support you and your new baby with sleep and settling, feeding and emotional support. 

I work in the Eastern Suburbs Sydney.

I am available to help you during the day and overnights.

Supporting you physically, emotionally and mentally in this time I am there to help you, your family as well as your baby in a variety of ways.


PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT available for clinical support and will be helping you in a non-clinical manner.