Do you know that for many modern couples the first baby they hold - is their own?

No wonder it all feels so overwhelming.

how to look after a baby

You have a couple of friends who have babies, have been to baby showers, and even held one of them. For a moment. Until it made a noise. Then you quickly handed the baby back to its mother - where it was immediately happier.

You’re secretly worried that you don’t have ‘what it takes’ and are nervous you won’t be a ‘good enough’ mother.

You are well into your pregnancy and already heard so much conflicting advice that you totally overwhelmed!

And the truth is, you are so busy throughout your pregnancy that you haven’t had much time for baby books. Up until this moment you have been so busy with work and life, that actually you haven’t given the other side of pregnancy so much thought.

You feel like you have your life in order, you knows your job, know your partner - but babies and birth are foreign to you. 

However, even in all this confusion, You knows that you only wants the best for your baby.

You dreams of holding your baby, understanding what they need and instinctively responding.

You daydream about having your baby, and how that will bring you and your partner even closer and even more in love, as you bring your baby home, and start a new life together.

You wants to give your baby all the love and care and support that you knows your baby needs.

You just needs some clear ideas about exactly what that is.

Free antenatal classes online

Do you know that in 2 short sessions you can have a much clearer understanding about

  • Newborn behaviour and development.

  • Breastfeeding and simple solutions to common concerns and tricky starts.

  • What are the essential components of baby care?

  • How will you know your baby is eating, sleeping and pooping the right amount?

  • How to tell if your baby needs help -and where to get it!

  • Infant sleep - what’s normal, whats not, and what to do about it?

  • Common tests and interventions offered to your baby in the first week.

  • Supporting your baby’s optimal brain and physical development.

And even better, you can get all this:

  • From the comfort of your own home,

  • Alone or with your partner

  • Live so you can ask all the questions you need.

  • Recorded so you can watch it again and again

  • With access to a Private Facebook Group for attendees to ask questions and keep in touch.

  • AND you don’t need to spend another $30 on a baby book that is just too overwhelming to even read.


Tickets to the online workshop: Newborn Essentials are available for parents who really want to feel confident and prepared to meet their newborn and are ready to invest in a smoother, more joyous transition to parenthood.

Newborn Essentials
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Newborn Essentials

All about your newborn baby.



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