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Information about pregnancy, childbirth and caring for your new baby.

Are you feeling a little burnt out? Is motherhood not exactly what you expected? Do you want to have more joy each day with your baby or children?

Personalised coaching to help you rediscover your mothering values and bring more meaning to parenthood.

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Sometimes birth doesn't unfold as we plan or expect and for some women this can mean carrying around negative thoughts and feelings, finding it tricky to move forward.

Working together to make sense of your birth, where desired, plan for future births may be beneficial.

Referrals are made to other health professionals and therapists where appropriate.

Is your partner or support person keen to help you in labour but feels unprepared and unsure what they can do to help?

By working with the person/ people supporting you to help them gain skills and insight. They will feel confident and prepared to support you through labour and birth.


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