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Chris Matthews, South Australia

I am parenting two girls, which were my partners from previous relationships, who have been in my life for almost 9 years.

My son, who is almost 2, was my first experience with birth, and it wasn’t a positive one, mainly due to a cascade of hospital lead interventions, which lead to an emergency caesarean for my partner. Since then though, it has been a great experience watching him grow and learn, something I will treasure, and am looking forward to with our latest addition

Before learning with Jen, my main needs were wanting to know what to do to help bring on labour, and support during the labour, to have the best outcome for everyone.

I was really worried about how to approach the healthcare professionals with my concerns, but Jen really helped me with the confidence to be able to talk to them and explain exactly what we want.

I particularly liked the personal one on one aspect. Being able to just talk about what was on my mind. Having the one on one has really help me to feel connected to the information discussed with Jen. I now feel that I have a lot better understanding of how I can give the needed support to my partner before/during and after, her labour.

It was very easy to turn up to learn, I could do it in the comfort of my own home, but still get access to some very helpful information.

She explained the process of birth by expanding on what I knew and filled in a lot of the gaps I didn’t know I had.

After learning with Jen I can make my partner’s birthing space as comfortable as possible, by better understanding her desires at that time and attempting to meet them.

The techniques that she showed in some easy to follow videos, I am hoping I can help manage my partners pain during labour.

I now feel I can advocate for my partner more confidently during her birthing and adhere as best as we can to her wishes.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Jen’s education and personal touch, especially with (the non-pregnant) partners, to anyone who is bringing new life into the world.

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